Bayonne Fire Department Inducts Twelve New Firefighters

On June 26, the Bayonne Fire Department held a swearing-in ceremony for twelve new firefighters.  They were hired to replace recent retirees. The new firefighters are Joseph Joynt, David Inirio, Daniel Ruiz, Adam Christie, Joseph Young, Kevin Cotter, Jesse Greiman, James Pilger, Kevin Pietranico, Mark Levin, Thomas Kacsmar, and Steven Pilanski.

Before joining the Fire Department, Firefighter Joseph Joynt was a full-time student at Hudson County Community College, where he was pursuing a program in Radiology.  He served four years in the U.S. military, and was deployed to Afghanistan, attached to the Ranger Regiment under the Joint Special Operations Command.

Firefighter David Inirio is a graduate of Bayonne High School.  He was employed as a Hudson County Sheriff’s Officer.  He served six years in the Army National Guard, and was deployed to Iraq in 2008-2009.

Firefighter Daniel Ruiz is a graduate of New Jersey City University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a Painting/Drawing Concentration.  He is a member of the New Jersey National Guard.

Firefighter Adam Christie is a graduate of Hudson County Community College, where he majored in Education.  He served recently in the U.S. Air Force.

Firefighter Joseph Young is a graduate of TCI College, where he earned an Associate’s degree in Occupational Study.  He worked previously at the Hudson County Jail as an Engineer.  He served recently in the U.S. Army.

Firefighter Kevin Cotter is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he majored in Accounting.  He was employed previously by the Cherry Hill Fire Department and as an accountant by the firm of Ernst and Young.