Bayonne Man Allegedly Intoxicated Arrested After Punching Police Officer from Behind

Bayonne assault and arrest

49-year-old Mark O. Hansen of Bayonne was taken into custody at 0224 hours from the area of 38th Street and Avenue C. Officers responded to Hansen’s residence on a report of a disturbance. Upon arrival, they encountered Hansen in an intoxicated state and behaving extremely belligerently. Officers also learned that Hansen had threatened to damage personal property inside of the apartment. As the officers resolved the issue and proceeded to leaver the residence, Hansen struck an officer in the back with two closed fists, causing the officer to fall to the ground. Once the officer recovered, Hansen, still behaving violently, was taken to the ground and arrested. Hansen proceeded to resist arrest by flailing his arms to prevent being handcuffed. He was ultimately secured in handcuffs and processed accordingly.

The officer was not injured in the assault.