Bayonne Man Arrested for Assault and Weapon Charges, Firearm Found in Infant’s Diaper Bag

Bayonne assault and arrest

Bayonne assault and arrest

Bayonne, NJ – A 35-year-old Bayonne resident, Robert Correa, was arrested yesterday on Kennedy Blvd. following a reported assault incident. Authorities arrived on West 25th Street at approximately 1559 hours after receiving reports of an altercation that might involve a firearm.

Upon their arrival, officers found Correa on top of another man who was bleeding from his head. Both men were separated as law enforcement began to probe into the situation. The investigation revealed that Correa had spoken about owning a firearm.

In a shocking turn of events, a 40 cal. semiautomatic handgun loaded with 6 rounds of ball ammunition and 3 hollow point rounds was found. The weapon, equipped with a large capacity magazine, was concealed in a baby diaper bag located in a stroller. The stroller belonged to Correa’s infant child, who was nearby during the incident.

The firearm was identified as stolen property originating from Pennsylvania. Furthermore, records indicate that Correa was previously categorized as a person forbidden from possessing a weapon.

The victim declined any medical assistance and departed from the scene.

Correa faces multiple charges including Aggravated Assault, Receiving Stolen Property, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, and several firearms-related charges.