Bayonne Mayor Davis issues Post-Storm Update


Sunday, January 24th – 10:30 A.M.

(Bayonne, NJ) – Mayor Jimmy Davis issued the following statement at 10:30 A.M. on Sunday, January 24, 2016 in the wake of Winter Storm Jonas:

“Good Morning from the Emergency Operations Center at City Hall. Over the past 48 hours we experienced an historic storm with estimates of over 27 inches; exact snow totals are yet to be fully determined. DPW crews were continuously deployed all day yesterday, into the night, and remain active and working. With that said, there is still much work to be done. Here is some of what’s going on this morning:

Snow removal operations have commenced as of 1:00AM today. Crosswalk and corner cleaning commenced at 4:00AM on Avenues A, B, C, E, and Broadway. This will continue thought the week.

Side streets continue to be cleared. These operations will continue today and into the night tonight. In conjunction with snow clearing, salters will continue to spread product on main roadways and cleared side streets all day and into the evening hours.

Scheduled Street Sweeping is SUSPENDED until further notice.

Central Lot meters REMAIN SUSPENDED until Monday, February 1st. Residents are encouraged to utilize these off-street parking arrangements as snow clearing and removal continues this week.

Finally, residents are asked to do everything possible to not throw snow in streets and public right of ways. This not only impedes progress, but makes a hazardous situation unnecessarily more dangerous. I understand this is difficult due to the amount of snow we received, but please do your best.

The City has employed additional resources to get the job done today and into the week. As previously mentioned, if you do not have to be on the roads please stay home. We are doing all that we can to restore a sense of normalcy city-wide. Your continued cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated!”

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