Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis Meets State Education Commissioner And Sets Date For Meeting With City School Officials

Mayor Jimmy Davis

Bayonne, NJ – Mayor Jimmy Davis met in Trenton with State Education Commissioner, David Hespe on Thursday, January 29, 2015 to discuss the ongoing dispute between the City and the Bayonne Board of Education. City Business Administrator, Joe Demarco, and Chief of Staff, Andrew Casais attended the meeting with the Mayor.

“It was a very good meeting,” Mayor Davis said regarding the conversation with Hespe. “Everyone we speak to about this issue shares our concerns.”

This meeting comes on the heels of others that the administration initiated in Fall 2014 with the Department of Education and New Jersey Schools Development Authority (NJ-SDA).

In mid-December 2014 City Business Administrator, Joe Demarco wrote a letter to Bayonne School officials regarding $7.4 million in School Development grant monies that were never transmitted to the City as repayment for bonds issued on the Board of Education’s behalf. The letter further asserted that there was an additional $4.4 million in grant monies that remain outstanding due to the District’s failure to provide adequate documentation to the State.

The result of the Mayor’s January 29th meeting in Trenton was the scheduling of an all-inclusive meeting between City, School, and Department of Education officials including Commissioner Hespe. That meeting was confirmed this week and is set to occur on Monday, March 16, 2015.

“This is a matter of accountability for every Bayonne resident and taxpayer. The more my administration digs the more we find, and I want to shine a light on these types of things so that they never happen again,” the Davis concluded.