Three Arrests in Three Days: Bayonne and Newark Law Enforcement Report on Theft, Narcotics, and DWI Incidents

Bayonne shooting arrest

Recent Arrests in Bayonne and Newark Highlight Theft, Narcotics, and DWI Offenses

Bayonne, NJ – Local law enforcement agencies have reported a series of arrests over the past few days, shedding light on various offenses ranging from theft to narcotics possession and driving while intoxicated.

September 8, 2023: Calogero Sanfilippo, a 50-year-old male resident of West 25th Street, Bayonne, NJ, was arrested at 0738 hours near the intersection of 25th Street and Avenue C. The arrest followed an incident at ShopRite located at 583 Avenue C. A 65-year-old female from Jersey City reported that she inadvertently left her purse on a bench outside the store. She later observed Sanfilippo taking the purse and leaving the scene. Roughly 25 minutes post the incident, Sanfilippo was spotted walking eastbound on East 25th Street. A subsequent police investigation led to the recovery of the purse’s contents from Sanfilippo’s possession. He has been charged with theft.

September 9, 2023: In a separate incident, David H. Darby, 36, of Peshine Avenue, Newark, NJ, was taken into custody at 2006 hours in the vicinity of 5th Street and Rt. 440. Darby faces charges related to narcotics, specifically for the possession of CDS (Ecstasy).

September 10, 2023: Max Arias Jr., a 39-year-old from East 29th Street, Bayonne, NJ, was arrested at 2206 hours near Prospect Avenue. Arias Jr. was charged with Driving While Intoxicated (D.W.I.).