Bayonne PAL wins, BOE withdraws eviction letter


(Bayonne, NJ) – Mayor Jimmy Davis today issued a statement in connection with news that the eviction notice served to the Bayonne P.A.L. was rescinded in the form of a letter from the Bayonne Board of Education’s legal counsel:

“This afternoon my office was informed that the eviction notice served to the Bayonne P.A.L. was withdrawn by the Bayonne School District. This comes after several weeks of public outcry by those who value what the P.A.L. was, is, and continues to stand for. I proudly worked with these concerned citizens. Together we got the message out that eviction was not the answer and that an open, public dialogue is what is needed on all school matters going forward. This regrettable matter is behind us for now, and I am confident that the community and the elected leadership at the Bayonne Board of Education can begin to move forward in a way that benefits our children and the community as a whole. Congratulations to the children of the P.A.L. and the hardworking families of Bayonne that utilize its services.”

Letter from BOE


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