Two siblings were taken into custody from 583 Ave C at 10.48pm on June 21st after an attempted shoplifting. A Bayonne Police Officer working a security detail detained Susan Smith at the store exit for attempting to remove items valued at $90.70. Jason Smith, who identified himself as Susan’s brother, intervened by pushing the officer and attempting to strike her in an effort to free Susan from custody. Jason continued to struggle with the officer as she attempted to place him under arrest knocking over several nearby food displays. The officer gained control of Jason while store security detained Susan. Susan was in possession of hypodermic syringes and a bottle of prescription pills in the name of another individual.

Jason – Robbery Resisting arrest Obstructing a governmental function
Susan — Shoplifting Possession of hypodermic syringe Possession of a prescription legend drug

Jason Smith was given a $50,000.00 bail with no 10%

Susan Smith was given a $15,000.00 bail with 10% option

Both were remanded to Central Judiciary Processing