The Bayonne Police Department has received status as a fully accredited police agency by the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJASCOP).

On June 14, Police Chief Drew A. Sisk and the Accreditation Manager, Lieutenant James Whitaker, attended the NJASCOP Committee Hearing, where the results of the Bayonne Police Department’s efforts to obtain this status were examined and Chief Sisk was questioned regarding the department’s operations in furtherance of this objective.

“NJASCOP sets the standards for the accreditation process,” Chief Sisk said. “This requires an in-depth self-review of all facets of the police operation, including a review of all standard operating procedures and detailed inspections of the equipment and all police facilities to ensure that what we have in place meets the NJASCOP standards.”

Prior to the June 14 hearing, a team of assessors from NJASCOP spent two days at Bayonne Police Headquarters and its other facilities in early May, examining the overall police operation. This assessment included an opportunity for members of the public to call in with comments. “We were happy to find that no negative calls were received.” Chief Sisk said.

“It is important for the entire agency to embrace this process and to ensure that the standards are met and remain in place.” Chief Sisk continued. “The NJASCOP requires regular proofs that their standards are being met and also require a full reaccreditation every three years. Police work remains a dynamic profession and as the accreditation standards evolve, the Bayonne Police Department must also adapt to meet these standards.”

“The accreditation process shows that regardless of the quality and sufficiency of procedures, equipment and facilities that are in place, there is always room for review and refinement.” Chief Sisk indicated. “By having a third party examine our total operation, we are able to obtain a different perspective, allowing for an unvarnished critical assessment and an improved work product for the residents we serve.”

“I am proud of the men and women who serve with the Bayonne Police Department, both sworn and civilian alike, who rose to the occasion in meeting the stringent accreditation standards. I specifically want to thank and congratulate Captain William Parsley, who was the initial accreditation manager and Lt. Whitaker, who saw this project across the finish line,” Chief Sisk concluded.