Bayonne reaches out to residents for city reexamination


The city of Bayonne is putting together a reexamination report in order to evaluate the overall vision for the city. The city is holding a series of workshops, lead by DMR Architects, which allows residents to give their opinions as to what needs to be addressed in the report.

Some of the main issues that were brought up at this first meeting were historical preservation of buildings, parking, green space, redevelopment, and cleanliness. Residents also expressed their concerns about employment and entrepreneurial opportunities within the city.

The gathering of data started with a survey that was put on the Bayonne website, followed by a series of three workshops held on March 1st through the 3rd. After all the information is gathered, a draft will be presented to the city.

If the city adopts the draft, it will be used for zoning laws, restrictions, and initiative policies.

Bayonne Mayor Davis Issues Statement ON high return of master plan community survey responses

(Bayonne, NJ) – Mayor Jimmy Davis issued the following statement upon receiving information that the City received over 800 responses to the community survey distributed to the public (both in paper and electronic format):

“I was incredibly pleased to receive the results of the Community Survey that was conducted in concert with the re-examination of the City’s Master Plan. I’m even happier to hear that over 800 responses were collected as part of this effort! Our professionals have informed us that cities of our size often only collect 200-300 completed surveys, so to collect over 800 shows that Bayonne is a special community where we care deeply about our future. Throughout this process I’ve made it a point to explain how important public participation is in the success of the re-examination. It is evident that residents, stake holders, and business people know that we are on the threshold of our best days. I’m more confident than ever that together we will achieve greatness.”