Recent Arrests in Bayonne: Shoplifting, Narcotics, and Firearm Charges

Jersey City Arrests

Bayonne, NJ – The city of Bayonne witnessed a series of arrests over three consecutive days, each incident distinct from the other, showcasing the varied nature of crimes in the area.

On August 25th, Jalyle Williams, a 32-year-old resident of Avenue E, Bayonne, NJ, was apprehended at ShopRite for allegedly shoplifting merchandise valued at $209.15. The incident took place at 1431 hours.

The following day, at 0302 hours, Shadeed G. Graham, 43, from Columbia, MD, was taken into custody near the intersection of 49th Street and Avenue E. Graham faces multiple charges related to narcotics violations, including possession of CDS (Heroin, Cocaine, and Ecstasy), intent to distribute, and possession near public housing.

August 27th brought a more intense scenario. Officers responded to a call about a male possessing a handgun on East 25th Street. Upon arrival, they identified and pursued Elijah J. Odum, 22, of West 29th Street, Bayonne, NJ. After a foot chase, Elijah was apprehended and found to have discarded a 9mm handgun during the pursuit. Further investigation revealed his involvement in the possession of the firearm.

During the same incident, Justice D. Odum, 26, from East 21st Street, Bayonne, NJ, was identified as a second suspect. He was later found and arrested on an outstanding warrant from the Fair Lawn Municipal Court.

The charges against the Odum brothers are severe. Justice faces contempt due to the outstanding warrant, while Elijah has been charged with obstructing a governmental function, possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a large capacity magazine, and being a certain person not allowed to possess a weapon.

These incidents serve as a reminder of the diverse challenges law enforcement faces daily, and the importance of community vigilance in ensuring safety.


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