Beautify Bayonne: Volunteers needed for Waterfront Cleanup Sept. 16

They’re collaborating with the Bayonne Department of Public Works and Parks with one goal in mind: to help clean up Bayonne’s waterfront — and now the mayor and City Council invite residents to join the effort.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Bayonne Nature Club

The Bayonne Waterfront Cleanup is taking place on Saturday, September 16, from 10 am to 12 noon at DiDomenico-16th Street Park, Ahern Veterans’ Stadium and Rutkowski Park.

Volunteers will be able to pick up trash, clear weeds and enhance the city’s waterfront.

According to Mayor Jimmy Davis, everyone who participated in the Earth Day clean-up earlier this year expressed interest in doing another event.

“We decided to concentrate on three waterfront areas along Newark Bay that attract a lot of visitors,” Davis says. “I would like to encourage everyone who supports a cleaner community to participate.”

All volunteers will be given appropriate supplies, including gloves and garbage bags.

DiDomenico-16th Street Park: Between Avenue A and Newark Bay
Report to the lower level of the park below 16th Street and check in at the table near the boat ramp.

Ahern Veterans’ Stadium: 25th Street and Newark Bay. 
Report to the table under the covering in the corner on the grassy area.

Rutkowski Park: Northwest corner of Bayonne, on Newark Bay, just above the northern end of Stephen R. Gregg-Bayonne County Park. 
Access is available via footbridge located at 48th Street and Newark Bay in Gregg-Bayonne Park.

Parking is available at the northern end of the county park around 48th Street. Check in at the table in the parking lot.

In the event of rain, September 23 is the alternate clean-up date, with the same times and locations announced for September 16. Check the City of Bayonne’s Facebook page for a rain date announcement.

Be a part of this important event to protect sea life and the community from the dangers of litter.