Big or small, Union City’s pink out wants to save them all

By Jillian Risberg

They return year after to offer support and love to their sisters in pink and 2019 was a banner year to beat breast cancer.

Surviving this lady killer, Melania wants people to know there are programs like these that help women so they can detect the cancer on time.

“I would like to thank Mercedes, the Board of Education and all of those who come together to put this event together every year,” says Sen. Brian Stack, mayor of Union City.

“Ya know, it’s pretty amazing — the mayor, the board of commissioners, Silvia Abbato from the Board of Education, Mercedes Joaquin from the Board of Education, they work tirelessly,” says Union City Police Chief, Nichelle Luster.

“We want to educate them how to protect themselves because early detection is the key,” says Mercedes Joaquin, the Director of community relations for the Union City Board of Education.

It’s not only about this one day… but continuing the fight.

“It’s about keeping awareness out there of breast cancer; giving services to women and also men, who also get breast cancer,” the mayor says.

Every year this event draws crowds of women (and some men too) supporting women, knowing we are all sisters when it comes to this disease.

“This is an amazing event to help women who are struggling with breast cancer and to show them that they are not alone,” says Naomi Padron, Miss New Jersey Teen USA hopeful. “And we’ll always be here to support them.”

As a three-year breast cancer survivor herself, Melania can relate to the plight women go through and she encourages them to be their own advocates.

She says God puts hands on her to protect her and she wants the same for others.

“Everybody who’s sick I wish on them health and blessings,” she says.

When it comes to breast cancer — it’s about prevention and the mayor does all he can to make sure women have the tools they need.

“If anyone needs a mammography and can’t afford to get one, please contact my office,” Stack says.

“We fundraise as much as we can, we try to educate the community — we do different events throughout the city and I think that we’ve been successful,” Luster says.

“Spreading the message of awareness truly is a great message to spread,” the mayor says.

Mercedes couldn’t be more passionate about being apart of this — it’s all about the women and she always has your back.

“I love this event,” Joaquin says. “Because it’s about empowering women with knowledge so they know how they can take care of themselves — because we want more survivors.”


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