Latest Update: 14-year-old juvenile arrested in Connection with Union City-North Bergen Bomb Threats

Latest Update:

The Union City Police Department in cooperation with the North Bergen Police Department and the Hudson County Prosecutor office arrested a fourteen-year-old juvenile known to their agency and charged him with several counts of juvenile delinquency specifically for committing False Public Alarms stemming from incidents of threats of violence to a North Bergen and Union City School yesterday.  The juvenile was taken into custody without incident.

Both departments worked cooperatively on this investigation and also credit assistance from the NJ State Police Cyber Crimes Unit and the Newark Office of the FBI. 



  1. These kids have too much time on their hands!!!!!!!!! He should be playing sports or ringing doorbells n running!!! He needs an old fashioned ass whooping!!! Parents….take the kids phones away….they are getting Stupid!!!! Smfh

  2. About u guys report this ..
    I was kidnapped by union city police department and North bergen police department and palisade hospital. … I was violated to the full extent and nothing has been done about it I have proof and paper plus videos. These cops that we called heros been going around doing the same thing to other people

      • I can verify his statement. North Bergen cops are experts at extorting their municipality’s residents. The same “hero cop” whom you all reported for saving a heroin addict a couple months ago is the same scum bag police officer who not only lied on the police report of my arrest, but he had the audacity to lie on the stand in front of Judge Coveiello. Shame that an ARMY VETERAN who did tours in Afghanistan came back a corrupt liar and terrorist in his own district. Officer Johnny Sanchez is a symbol of the abuse of authority that is still running rampant in our country, and we continue to give these thugs a badge and a gun and protect them under the guise of “protecting and serving” the public. You guys (the few real news reporters of America) need to shine light on this issue within our county because not only is Hudson County one of the most diverse locations in the entire world, but cops are constantly getting away with terrorizing young kids with no scrutinization. I’m tired of this BS and if you want to make a meaningful change, we need to hold those thugs in blue accountable. Not all cops are bad but they are getting increasingly aggressive and corrupt and something must be done.