Guttenberg Resident Blows off Fingers in Alleged Fireworks Accident


Last night, March 31st of 2016 at around 7pm, a Guttenberg resident blew off his fingers and some of his hand in what is believed to be a fireworks accident. Eyewitnesses say that the 60 year-old man came running out of his house after a loud explosion, with his hand, seemingly, blown up.

Guttenberg Police Director Joel Magenheimer clarified that, “he blew part of his hand off, mostly his fingers.”

The man underwent a brief interview before the arrival of the paramedics and told the police that, “he lit a candle that exploded,” said Lieutenant Barrera.

The man was taken to the Jersey City Trauma Center to receive medical attention but the police and the Jersey City bomb squad stayed behind inspecting the area to ensure that this was an accident and not a terrorist attack.  

Magenheimer explained that, “any kind of explosion will make you suspicious. That’s why we had the bomb squad up here, terrorist task force.”

Upon further investigation the police and the bomb squad determined that the explosion was most likely caused by a firework.

“Possibly fireworks, I really couldn’t say… There’s no evidence of anything at this point. Except debris,” said Magenheimer.

“We think it’s a firework, but it had to be pretty potent because it left him without a hand,” added Lieutenant Barrera.

The Guttenberg Police Director ensured that there was nothing to worry about. “Everybody’s releasing it, saying that whatever he was doing, they’re not concerned too much about it,” concluded Magenheimer. 

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