BREAKING NEWS: Immigration raids happening in West New York

After Trump set forth sweeping orders for deportation aimed at 11 million undocumented immigrants, according to trusted sources — immigration raids are happening in West New York.

That would be around the area close to 64th and Bergenline Avenue.

Many Facebook postings also alluded to this.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are targeting people with criminal histories in this country illegally, says an official not authorized to speak to the press.

Mayor Roque sent the following statement through his spokesperson Jonathan Castaneda: “The town was informed but the Town of West New York is not involved, all questions should go to ICE.”

But the Feds beg to differ, calling it business as usual in New Jersey.

The New Jersey (ICE) office wanted to dispel “rumors and innuendo” of local raids that are causing stress and fear in many communities.


  1. Oh brother….let’s report the truth not BS. Besides Feds are right this is business as usual. I have not seen them this year but i have spotted them last year as well and year before.

    • That’s nice if that makes you sleep at night, but the reality is they are not mutually exclusive. If you are anti-immigrant you would go after the “illegal” ones first because they are the ones you cannot remove much quicker. Next would be immigration reform. This the agenda of the alt-right – peaceful ethnic cleansing.

  2. Que tristeza leer comentarios de propios latinos rogando que se lleven a los ilegales, caray! Como si los ciudadanos fueran a trabajar en reemplazo de los ilegales, a ver cuantos se irán a lavar platos y servir comidas? No todos en WNY son criminales, si se llevarán a los que de verdad son un veneno para la comunidad pues genial, pero esto es una caza de brujas….empezamos una maldita cruzada y sufrirán familias enteras….gente trabajadora, honesta! Que están ilegales? Claro, por qué el país no da oportunidad para que hagan sus papeles

  3. If they’re getting kicked out, the multi unit developers and owners of multi family homes Will take the opportunity to bank on our current anti- immigration status raise the rent, raise the housing costs, because guess who’s moving in people who can afford higher rent people who can afford higher homes for sale so really who is winning here? Y’all better get a part-time job apart from your already full time job to keep up with the yuppies that will be moving in.

  4. Laws should always be equally applied.
    If an undocumented person is taken into custody at a workplace, the business owner of the establishment should also be placed under arrest for the hiring and should also be charged with tax fraud.
    They would not be here if law enforcement would go around arresting business owners who hire them illegally in the first place. I saw a farmer on the news today whining about losing 90% of his labor…that guy should be in jail!