Breaking News: Man Arrested in West New York for Kidnapping Attempt

Jeovanny Peralta (19-year-old) has been arrested for attempt of kidnapping and simple assault in West New York after a 16-year old female was attacked while she was doing laundry at WNY Laundry Corp on 6013 Broadway West New York.

According to Police, around 1.11pm Police received a call that a man attacked a woman by removing his scarf and wrapping it around her neck, the victim struggle and the actor fled the scene.

Police used surveillance video footage to get a picture of the actor and the actor was known
to the Police, according to the West New York PD.

The actor was quickly arrested at his home without incident.

Mayor Felix Roque credits the quick action of the police dept. and added he has a “great group of police officers and is extremely proud of their professionalism”. Police Director Robert Antolos complimented his Criminal Investigation Division in their quick actions in piecing the incident together and developing leads that lead to a quick arrest. “It was important to catch this individual as fast as possible in light of his random attack on the victim”.