Reports of Murder in West New York

Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez has released the following information:

On September 21, 2016, at approximately 6:30 p.m., West New York Police Officers were dispatched to 5608 Palisade Avenue in West New York after receiving a call from a building superintendent. The superintendent reported that he noticed something suspicious and then found a dead male in an apartment.Upon arrival, officers found the body of an individual identified as Randall Goya, age 57, of West New York. He was pronounced dead at approximately 7:15 p.m. at the scene. Goya resided in the apartment where he was found dead.

The cause and manner of death are pending determination by the Regional Medical Examiner’s Office. The death is being treated as suspicious.

The Prosecutor’s Homicide Unit is actively investigating the case. Homicide detectives are looking for a person of interest in connection with the suspicious death and a still photo is attached to this release for distribution. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office at 201-915-1345 or to leave an anonymous tip on the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office official website at: . All information will be kept confidential.





  1. Omg. Ha sido una noche de preocupación, no se oyó nada y de pronto tantos carros de policía, detectives, perros, policías encubiertos, detectives de crímenes entrando y saliendo al edificio buscando evidencias y tomando fotos, reporteros y muchas personas por todas las esquinas esperando saber con exactitud lo ocurrido pero nada en concreto. Ya no se puede estar seguros en ningún lugar, después de vivir y trabajar casi 7 años en ésta cuadra y de considerarla tranquila hoy por hoy no se ni que pensar.

  2. Breaking news.. Something happened SOMEWHERE but that’s all we know. Either go elsewhere for the story or check back with our news station AFTER we get the story from another news station.!

  3. I grew up in this town , so for almost 20 years I’ve lived here n when we first came here it used to be a great town! great place to raise children and great schools but just like everywhere else ppl start moving in and corrupting places ; nowadays everywhere u go almost :; there is crime and bad pplz .. it’s the ppl that make the town what it is .. this has never been a bad place but now even I am scared to go there … smh everything has changed .. this used to be such a quiet town that nobody even really knew about it .. wish ppl would stop so much HATE