Union City Concerned Citizens Group presses Stack on the issue, as well as the city’s budget.


  1. I don’t get this? What’s the problem other than the job didn’t go to the man who wanted it and now he’s getting paid by someone n North Bergen to cause trouble?

  2. Emilio got the sick payout he deserved when he was asked to leave his no show in union city. His payout was a swift kick in the ass by Brian Stack on the way out the door and to be honest that was to much for this lazy poor excuse for a Cuban. Hey Fa-Q Emilio and Succo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the problem I have it the lack of perspective. You have wanna be people who want to replace Stack, some of whom worked for Stack, and in one case, was Stack’s best friend right up until Stack didn’t make him police chief, all being fed by money out of north bergen go did for dirt, and the best they can come up with is that the DCA gave Stack permission to continue health beneifts, they paid the old chief money, and Stack’s exwife used government gas in her vehicle . Where is the smoking gun?