Brian Stack does not give direct answer on whether or not he is target of FBI investigation

Brian Stack does not give direct answer on whether or not he is target of FBI investigation. Otherwise, the commissioner meeting is uncharacteristically quick and quiet.


  1. Julio…we all know who your website is being funded by. You and this website along with all the little $acco followers look rediculous only doing stories on UC. How can you call this online news when it is only news about Brian Stack and how you can try to discredit him. We know that you are friends with Emilio DelValle. I have seen the pics of you and Emilio together and so have alot of people. You know who you are alligning yourself with? Do you know that they are under investigation?

  2. U say Mr Alonzo & Dixon were the Only! speakers…Did U not hear Brian call out my name; “Mr Pollack?”
    Perhaps since I had something deragatory to say about THEM & not Brian U decided what I had to say was best left on the cutting room floor?
    Fortunately everyone in the room & those Vermin heard me call them out for what they R!
    Let’s see if this even gets posted! Then I will definitely know if what “Mr Pants on Fire” says is true.

  3. We should ask Brian to bring his loud speakers he uses for his community events to every commissioner’s meeting. Im sure he wants everyone to know whats going on at the council meetings.

  4. You people are imbeciles….nothing you say is credible. You all need to go take some geritol and watch Matlock. $acco really picked a great group to defend him. Bravo Nick! You should really be saving your money for your own defense attorneys…Oh that’s right you don’t have to the tax payers are picking up that tab…again!

    • At least mr Sacco don’t send retards to the meeting.who do they send Larry bud Weinstein.i use to think me stack was a great mayor but there right stack can’t hold nicks underwears.

  5. Well by the look of some the comments from $acco’s people I think they are a bit on the slow side and some are convicted criminals. Who would want to compare to $acco’s depends undergarmets….he is a recently subpoenaed official who threatens women if they don’t sleep with him! What a man!

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  6. By Agustin C. Torres/The Jersey Journal

    In this nearly decade-old feud, the North Bergen mayor’s attacks on Stack have been more sophisticated. He supports some Stack opponents by repackaging them as “civic” organizations. One outfit is called the Concerned Citizens of Union City and the other is Moving Hudson County Forward

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    (Video link removed by HCTV)

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