Reporterd by John Heinis for Hudson County TV.-

After being questioned by a North Bergen resident on budget deficit issues, Mayor Brian Stack blames nemesis Nick Sacco for sending North Bergen residents to Union City Commissioners meetings.




  1. I never thought mr stack was such an axxhole. You can knock our mayor n this town but ypu couldn’t have held this town together like mr Sacco. Worry about your town.

  2. Erik Dixon needs to come worry about North Bergen! What an idiot!!! I think Mayor Stack handled that very well considering. If it was Sacco, he would have refused to answer, walked out, yelled and/or possibily had Erik Dixon arrested for refusing to shut up.

  3. Dixon needs to crawl back under that rock he came from another WANTABEE were do these SNAKES come from anyway just look at this guy talking does he look normal to you I don’t think so…