The long-awaited criminal trial of two top former aides to Chris Christie is scheduled to start on Thursday in Newark federal court.

Bill Baroni, former state senator turned Port Authority executive director, and deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly are both defendants. A third former aide, David Wildstein, pleaded guilty last year and is expected to be the government’s star witness.

Also expected to testify for the government is Jersey City mayor Steven Fulop. This raises the question, since government witnesses often get immunity to testify, of whether Fulop got a similar protection promise of immunity. This is important, because immunity means you probably did something wrong or criminal and need the protection of immunity to be persuaded to talk.

There could be other surprises in this trial. Whose political careers will survive and whose will crash and burn? Stay tuned.


  1. I’ll tell you the verdict right now, all they’re gonna get is a slap on the wrist, because they’re white, and because it’s obvious to the people now that this country is run by a bunch of hypocrites

  2. Don’t have money to check on food stamp, welfare or section 8 fraud but a couple hour closing of a bridge they have 4 years and 576million to investigate….
    Look they caught a ring of food stamp frauds that had 16 and a half million dollars in food stamps….our own government is supporting terrorist by not checking on the benifits… many other rings are there? Many i think probably many hundreds of millions being made and sent back to terrorist to fund attacks against us