Bye Bye Cigarettes: North Bergen Passes an Ordinance which Bans all Smoking on Public Property.

Bye Bye Cigarettes. North Bergen passes an ordinance which bans all smoking on public property. 


  1. Mayor and Council,

    I would like to echo the sentiments of the seniors who took interest in coming to the meeting to thank you for banning smoke. My husband and I are seniors and we, too, are bothered by second hand smoke. So on behalf of our generation, we thank you for passing this “Healthy Choice” for the citizens of North Bergen. Great Job!

    • I look forward to the day when smoking cigarettes ANYWHERE, or at least in public, is completely Verbotten. It is a foul & disgusting habit. If people who smoked wud see how people who don’t; “look down” on them they mite? just stop! No If Ands or Butts!!!

  2. Good job Mr Sacco, thumbs up for this administration, I too agree with ms Anne Rich comments above. Banning smoke in public parks and buildings can only promote better health for all of us.

  3. This is a much deeper issue than smoking… On any law they make they want you to believe that it is in your best interest. This is all about controlling our lives a little at a time and when people wake-up it will be too late. Liberty and freedom is for the most part a thing of the past. Our grand children will never know what real liberty and freedom is. They will just think this is the way it’s suppose to be, a country of laws.

    • Ure right! They R even trying to take away our guns. Goddamn Commies!!!
      But don’t worry they will never be able to take away ure right to be a horse’s ass!

  4. Smoking was banned in restaraunts and nobody is complaining,
    Kudos to you Mayor Sacco and fellow Commissioners!

  5. Smoking isn’t just dangerous to the individual smoker, but to anyone around him or her, and people have the right to breathe clean air. Second-hand smoke can be deadly, and even a slight smell of tobacco smoke can cause an asthma attack for an asthmatic, a vomiting spell for a pregnant woman, or an allergic reaction for someone sensitive to smoke. Just like we regulate vehicle emissions and other air pollutants, we should ensure that everyone has a right to not encounter such a dangerous substance unwillingly. Thank you Mayor Sacco!!

  6. I agree with this ordinance. However; $acco loves this kind of attention. It is non-threatening to him, and brings positive
    attention to someone ($acco) who is taking money out of tax payer pocket, and placing it into his. I think the people of North Bergen
    like being financailly violated. He is an Assistant Superintendent of the NBBOE $220,000 a year, at minimum, a low show job.

  7. This ordinance is an overreach and is another example of a government official intoxicated with his own power. Smoking in public buildings is one thing, but outside? Just walk away from them! Is that so hard? Come on people! Marebel G. is correct. Smokers have rights too. Is a law like this really worth having everyone’s rights infringed upon to satisfy a select group of people who happen to not like smoking? One of these days another TEMPORARY lawmaker will trample on your rights and you won’t like it. By the way Mr. Johnson, I know plenty of restaurant patrons and restaurant owners who complained about the restaurant smoking ban, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. And to all the senior citizens that supported this ban, just remember that you’re helping to advance more and more constraints on your own grand children’s rights. The likes of Sacco and Bloomberg really need to be reined in and soon.

    P.S. I am a non-smoker with the exception of the occasional cigar. Now I can’t even enjoy that on a beautiful day in the park.

  8. I am a non-smoker and my initial response was, “Good!” People that smoke (millions of people) are polluting our air! But, then, I realized that morality and wise behavior cannot be legislated; people do well to take responsibility for their actions (actions that affect themselves AND others). I agree that this ordinance is overstepping the bounds of government and infringing on our rights – even if the “end” is beneficial in the sense that people may find it harder to smoke and quit (unlikely), and we will have less cigarette polluted air – the “means” is not justified or right.

  9. Do they REALLY care about our health? Or is it CONTROL? Wake up Sheeple, much luv and a peaceful awakening to all world wide, we need it.

  10. And what about OPPT? While these “control”, unlawful laws r STILL being passed? Should be BYE BYE unlawful against (God, and the land) laws. Pass a law BANNING chem-trails. PPL r worried about cigarette smoke but they r spraying us EVERYDAY with a toxic cocktail, and EVERYONE is breathing metals and other poisons? And ppl r worried about cigarette smoke? I commend these children for DOing, but they don’t have a clue, I wish they did, peace.

  11. Oh by the way, for those who don’t know? OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust) foreclosed on all government, corporations and banks, Dec. 25th 2012. Check it out, see for yourself, many Blessings.

  12. Nick you did such a great thing!! My butt you dont care about the people of North Bergen. These people on here that wrote how great you are for doing this for the town when we have nothing but garbage dumps all over this town, i think 17 in all and all that they put into the air and some that cause cancer worst then smoking can. Then you let a towing company open right nex to a park that when they start the trucks the park fills with the disel smoke> And to top it off if ever one of those truck losses control the kids and the rides ar no more then ten feet from the fence. Only then when someone gets hurt will something will be done, havent me found out by now wating to long lets bad things happen