Larry Wainstein declares reelection bid in rambling letter about teacher salaries.

The North Bergen Businessman and 2015 Mayoral Challeger to longtime incumbent Nick Sacco revealed his plans for a mayoral rematch in a new letter taking the side of the teacher’s union and blasting that town’s board  of education in its negotiations with teachers.

“When I become Mayor”, the letter says at bottom, which begins by addressing the labor dispute before leveling several charges about the incumbent Sacco. The charges echo some of the campaign points made by Wainstein and allied candidates in the 2015 North Bergen municipal election.

See the letter below:

Dear Educator:

I am writing to give you my unwavering support in your efforts to secure a contract.  I was at the Board of Education meeting last week and was appalled by the rhetoric and manner in which North Bergen teachers were treated.  At the meeting, I heard about “prudent fiscal responsibility” and “a contractual mistake,” all which are excuses to prevent the teachers from getting a fair contract with reasonable increases.

If the North Bergen Board of Education was so fiscally prudent, Nicholas Sacco would not be earning nearly $300,000.00, bringing his and the Somick family patronage mills more than $2 Million Dollars per year. 

The nepotism and cronyism in the Board of Education is a mockery of our teachers and their hard work and effort.  No matter how many educational degrees and accolades individual teachers receive, they are subjected to the will of Boss Sacco.  Our children deserve better and our teachers deserve respect and compassion as professionals with the future of our children in their hands. 


-North Bergen school teachers are currently working without a contract for the first time in more than 50 years and have been forgotten by the Board of Education which is run by Nicholas Sacco and his cronies;

Nicholas Sacco has a lucrative contract with the Board of Education, where he makes nearly $300,000.00 annually, making him the highest paid municipal district employee in the state;

-Teachers in North Bergen are forced to campaign and donate money to support triple-dipper Nicholas Sacco;

-North Bergen school teacher salaries are ranked 95th in the State of New Jersey for average teacher salaries, yet Nicholas Sacco is ranked NUMBER 1 when it comes to School Administrator Salary;[1]

-Schools are over-crowded and teachers are forced to spend less individualized time with students as Nicholas Sacco’s administration continue to offer tax-abatements to real estate developers for over-sized projects;

-Hudson County taxpayers gave Boss Sacco a bailout for the over-crowded high school and soon students will need to be bused to Tonnelle Avenue or perilously cross the busy highway to get to school.


I, promise you, that when I become Mayor, teachers will not have to knock on doors, will not have to buy tickets for campaign functions, and will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.  Teachers are professionals and part of the fabric of the North Bergen community that we love!


  1. Larry isn’t worried about the teachers or contacts he’s only worried about bad mouthing Mayor Sacco. This is one of his dirty political plots. He spent 5 minutes trash talking the Mayor instead of truly talking about the contracts.