Osborne vs Levin for Ward E Jersey City Part 1: Taxes/BIO

Candice Osborne and Dan Levin sit down with Hudson County TV to discuss the council race for Ward E. Issues discussed included the candidates backgrounds, the city property reevaluation and the budget for Jersey City. The Candidates also answered whether they thought Ward E residents wer getting good value in return for their property taxes and the benefits future employees of Jersey City should receive.


  1. Thank you for this opportunity to view candidates speak to their positions. I hope there will be more of this but my real wish is for several live debates for competiting Ward candidates as well as the mayoral candidates.

  2. Hi Hudson County TV. I was not invited to this Love Fest. My name is Fletcher Gensamer… and Ward E will HAVE a choice. Why me? First of all… I have been looking out for the people back in 2009 and 2010 when Jersey City went crazy on the Taxes. Secondly… Look at who you have. Dan Levin. Ran AGAINST Mayor Healy and lost. Ran AGAINST Mayor Healy for Council at Large… LOST. And now, guess who is WITH Mayor HEALY? DAN LEVIN. And Candice? Who knows Candice? A Paid Fulop Insider.

  3. Here is Candice’s Business profile “The original founder of C & S Strategies, Candice, has provided digital and voter targeting services across Northern New Jersey, including services for Jersey City Councilman Steven Fulop and Newark Mayor Corey Booker.” She is a paid political insider… who will be diverted to getting Corey Booker to become Senator.

  4. Both seem to be good people but Dan Levin I thought was against
    Healy and his style and policy of goverment and now not only embracing
    him but also running with him?
    Can we trust Mr. Levin?

    • To Mr. Johnson…

      Ward E will have a third choice. A better choice.

      Dan ran AGAINST Healy for Mayor and Against Healy for Council at Large… and now GUESS WHO is for Corruption HEALY? Dan.

      And Candice? She is a PAID Fulop Advisor and “Voter Targeting” strategist… An Insider….

      I think that is a conflict of interest.

      You can vote for me… FLETCH.

      I have been fighting for YOU… the people of JC and Ward E.

      TAXES ARE TOO HIGH… And JC doesn’t care about you.

      Hudson County TV did not do their homework. I had my petitions in and certified BEFORE Dan Levin.

      You NOW have a choice. Choose me. Fletch.

  5. Wow,

    Both candidates get an F on the question relating to property revaluations.

    Here’s what slick Jerry has really done with property reassessments.

    Lets assume, for example, the fair market value for a 2 bedroom condominium is $100,000. 30 years ago it was assessed at a low $20,000. The new assessment is $9,000, but the RATE is jacked up to where the owner will pay $2,000-$3,000 more year in and year out.

    The property does not qualify for a tax appeal. The way that works is, the fair market value of your property has to be LOWER than the assessed value. As we can see, from the example above, this property just got its taxes increased, with no shot at all in tax court.

    I’ve already seen the scenario described above played out in parts of Jersey City Heights and in lower Greenville. All the owners have seen assessed values on their properties halved while their taxes have been increased (nearly doubled in some cases).

    I’ll give Osborne the benefit of the doubt, being that she is a neophyte.

    Dan Levin = sell out that still doesn’t understand the issues after countless runs for office.

    • Your a dope. The property reval has not happened yet. No one has been reassessed yet. Repeat after me. You are a dope

  6. There is an inverse relationship between property taxes and property values.

    Higher property taxes exert downward pressure on highest and best offer prices.

    This holds true in housing markets that were hard hit by the economic downturn. Prices are already low, due to economic circumstances, and will go down even further, as taxes are increased.

    Homeowners in low to middle income neighborhoods are losing even more equity under Healy’s reassessment scheme. Every reassessment has resulted in higher taxes, with no shot at being granted an appeal.

  7. I used to support Levin but him backing Healy is insane. He used to rail against the machine and everything Healy stood for, yet now he says Healy has brought the city forward??? I think Levin could have won running independent but he will likely go down with the Healy ship. Strange.

  8. I urge all residents to look at guys like Dan Levin, that are corrupt
    leaders, party-bosses,intimidation,hiring only friends and now
    Mr. Levin joins them.