Car parked illegally gets hit by Jersey City Fire Truck during emergency


JERSEY CITY  – On March 11th officers responded to the area of 174 Bayview Ave on report of a motor vehicle accident involving a Jersey City Fire truck. According to Jersey City Spokesperson, Carly Baldwin, Bayview Ave is described as a one way east bound travel with parking on both sides of the street and a bicycle lane located south of the north side of street parking. Upon arrival, the fire truck was stopped the middle of the street in front of 172 Bayview Ave. while a Lexus was double parked in front of 174 Bayview Ave.

According to officials, the fire truck was responding to an emergency call and was traveling east on Bayview Ave when it came into contact with the double parked vehicle. The driver side storage compartment which is located just to the front of the rear wheel is where the contact happened, according to Baldwin. The Lexus had damage to the rear passenger side bumper, front passenger side door, and the passenger side view mirror.

The driver of the fire truck and owner of the parked vehicle stated the vehicle was in fact double parked at the time of the accident. No injuries were reported and the owner of the Lexus was issued a motor vehicle summons for double parking.


  1. Jayson the Lexus was illegally parked and they where responding to a alarm. So lexus problem

  2. In a ticket for careless driving, your insurance paid for the other driver’s damages. The other driver as the victim is made hold. The judge will still fine your for causing the accident even when there is no longer an injured party because he was made whole. In common law if the is no victim there is no crime. The state cannot be the victim in any case via common law, which is the highest law of the land.