Carepoint Health shares Thanksgiving spirit

“It means a lot ‘cause without them I wouldn’t be having any Thanksgiving,” says Stacey Gordon, a Jersey City resident.

She’s a lifelong resident of Jersey City and for Patricia Heath, being there to help just makes sense.

“I think this is a blessing that they’re giving out food to the people that needs the food and really, this is my first time volunteering,” Heath says. “This is what I always wanted to do.”

‘Tis the season of not only giving thanks but sharing. And with a local organization’s generosity, being knee-deep in turkey means no one goes hungry.

Saturday they gave away 1,500 turkeys as part of a 7,000-turkey donation through the Jersey City Youth Foundation. Monday they boxed 8,000 Thanksgiving dinners with turkeys in a project with the police department for the four regions of Jersey City and Carepoint Health gives gift cards and other support to additional cities throughout Hudson County this holiday.

“For us it’s really a belief of you lift where you stand as far as trying to help the community wherever you are,” CEO Dennis Kelly says. “Try to do some good work and help people out.”

Every thanksgiving they make it happen — just how important is it for the Jersey City Police Department to give back?

“It’s very important because this is the way we develop a strong tie with the community and then we develop a bridge,” says West District Community Relations Officer Doris Johnson. “So this is a bridge that we’re working on.”

What may not seem like a big deal to some holds special meaning to others.

“It’s a good thing they’re doing every year. So we appreciate it. If we never say it, we do,” Gordon says.