Carmelo Garcia exposes Mayor Zimmer concerning Sandy relief funds

Carmelo Garcia exposes Mayor Zimmer concerning Sandy relief funds. Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority Carmelo Garcia makes his case about the lack of transparency concerning the Zimmer Administration and City Hall.


    • Give this guy some orange cones & send him over to the GWB!
      Dawn=Integrity. This guy is just chompin’ on the bit to be feeding @ the public trough!!!

    • Ana, are you serious???? Just because families do not make a six figure income, does not make them bad people. Are you suggesting my husband and I do not deserve to live in Hoboken because we both are on disability and can’t afford luxury and/or condo prices? My husband and I have lived in Hoboken all our lives, we were here when buildings were being burned in the middle of the night to make way for condos. I knew back in the 80s that this day would come when those of us who have been living here all our lives were going to be forced out. Please do not judge people by their income. Hoboken has always been a great place to live even back in the 50s and 60s, but you wouldn’t know that because you weren’t a child growing up here. Let’s just stop all this hatred and get along.

  1. Go Dawn, I am not being fooled by anyone, I do know affordable housing is needed in Hoboken. As a senior with a husband who is disabled and living here all our lives we deserve to stay in the town we have been living in for over 60 years. As far as Carmelo being a “snake in the grass”, how would you know that, do you know him personally, have you ever sat and spoke with him???? I repeat myself, let’s stop all this hatred and get along.

  2. I am not certain of all the challenges, details nor reasons this project was not approved, nor will I pretend to. However, I do know about Affordable Housing. Affordable Housing is for “working class-employed families and sometimes retired persons”, and low to moderate income families. That includes, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Teachers, Nurses, Office Administration and the like. Affordable Housing is built with very similar features and exterior facades to fit in with the current landscape – wherever it’s built. Housing Commission’s work closely with Municipalities to support, and advise on these projects. Many affordable housing units are also already in existence, but you (John or Mary Q. Public) wouldn’t know that unless you were the owner or developer, or the resident who received approval to move into a unit. Often Affordable Housing unit residents must qualify for a mortgage to purchase and have good credit to lease. So the stigma about Hoboken or any other area not being as nice because of a “new affordable housing project” is a misinformed statement…respectfully. Older Affordable Housing might not be as attractive, but with the new building codes and guidelines, Newer Affordable Housing IS attractive or at least aesthetically pleasing. Lets all do our homework @ before (check the state of NJ’s website prior to being hasty to judge anyone or anything. Besides, most people who complain about affordable housing…actually qualify themselves for affordable housing! The Median income limit for one person is $59,000/yr very low of course is less. So if you make less than $59,000 a year as a single person, you qualify for Affordable Housing! A family of 3, income limit is $73,000 and this is for HUDSON County. Ahem…Hoboken, NJ. So lets do our homework! I am all for keeping a town/city/neighborhood nice. It starts with education. This was a discussion about affordable housing facts, not very low income housing fears. There is a difference. Just for the record…Grace and Peace. DM

  3. Oops! Correction to the affordable housing income limits link…