Carmelo Garcia “Surprised” at Judge’s Verdict/Talks 20/20 Vision

Carmelo Garcia “Surprised” at Judge’s Verdict/Talks 20/20 Vision. Carmelo Garcia sat down with Hudson County TV to discuss the winning vote from last week’s animated Housing Authority meeting, that will delegate a portion of FEMA dollars to set up a new housing project. Garcia, who is the Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority, has also been slated to run for state assembly. However, a handful of residents from the town of Hoboken filed a suit to prohibit Garcia to be eligible citing “double-dipping”. Garcia is in the throes of an appeal, after the judge sided with the residents – to Garcia’s “surprise”. Here, he talks of his strategy for the appeal, the 20/20 vision, in addition to his own touching personal experience growing up in the projects himself.

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