Carmelo Garcia “Surprised” at Judge’s Verdict/Talks 20/20 Vision. Carmelo Garcia sat down with Hudson County TV to discuss the winning vote from last week’s animated Housing Authority meeting, that will delegate a portion of FEMA dollars to set up a new housing project. Garcia, who is the Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority, has also been slated to run for state assembly. However, a handful of residents from the town of Hoboken filed a suit to prohibit Garcia to be eligible citing “double-dipping”. Garcia is in the throes of an appeal, after the judge sided with the residents – to Garcia’s “surprise”. Here, he talks of his strategy for the appeal, the 20/20 vision, in addition to his own touching personal experience growing up in the projects himself.


  1. I grew up with this guy, and thought he would fight to help keep real born and raised Hoboken stay in Hoboken. He is the only sellout! He seems to think he is white and not hispanic. “Memo” you are a sell out who forgot where you came from!!!! You treat the people who grew up with you like they are second class citizens!!! You are the Puerto Rican “Uncle Tom”!!!