Celebrate Chinese New Year at the North Bergen Library with Three Free Workshops

The North Bergen Free Public Library is celebrating Chinese New Year in style to honor the upcoming Year of the Pig, beginning on Feb. 5, 2019.

First up is a special Feng Shui Workshop at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 7. Feng shui (“wind-water”) is an ancient Chinese art/science developed thousands of years ago to help improve life by creating the optimal and harmonious flow of energy within a space. Join Ivy from “Who Moved My Chi?” to learn easy feng shui tips for your home and office. To learn more about Ivy and the services she offers, visit www.whomovedmychi.com.

Next up is a Chinese Paper Folding and Cutting Workshop at 4:30 on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Learn the ancient art forms of Jianzhi and Zhezhi during this hand-on workshop. Make it and take it.

Then on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 6:30 p.m. it’s a Qigong Workshop. Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, and focused intention.

For more information visit www.nbpl.org or call 201-869-4715. The North Bergen Free Public Library is located at 8411 Bergenline Ave.