West New York residents gathered on 60th street and Boulevard East before 7 AM on Tuesday, May 17th, to appear on Telemundo’s hit morning show Un Nuevo Dia. The show brought on a lot of celebrities including the show’s hosts Adamari Lopez and Daniel Sarcos, featured Telenovela stars such as Carolina Miranda, as well as the famous Salsa singer, Elvis Crespo and Grupo Mania. The audience cheered, danced, sang, and had an amazing time on set with the hit show and all of its special guests. The stars were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet some of their fans and tell the world about their latest projects. Likewise, the fans were very excited to meet some of their favorite stars in the town that they call home. West New York’s Mayor and Commissioners agreed that experiences like these build a sense of community. The show also showcased other live talent such as dancers and barbers who designed images in color for the duration of the show. Overall, the filming of Un Nuevo Dia was a success in West New York and the town was excited to be a part of it.