Chaos in first Hoboken Housing Authority Meeting of 2014. Residents get riled up after Commissioner David Mello asks to postpone next meeting from February 13 to February 20.


  1. At the January 9th HHA meeting Commissioner Mello attempted to remove the first black Chairman of the Hoboken Housing Authority inciting a riot with the residents of the Housing Authority. Commissioner Mello attended the meeting with a pocket resolution to change the bylaws of the commissioners which stated in the event that during the term office of the board chair and vice chair of the board of commissioners of the HHA hereafter the board there occurs a change in the composition of the membership of the board for any reason than at a Board Meeting held within 60 days after the change and the composition of the board the board may by motion appropriately made and second and by a vote of the majority of the full membership of the board remove and replace the Board Chair and/or vice-chair in the event such a change in leadership is made the new officers shall assume office immediately after the vote and shall serve in their position until the expiration of the original (1 year term or are themselves replaced pursuit to this rule or resign from set officers position). Any newly elected officers whose positioned was gained by set vote shall be immediately empowered to make any changes to the composition of any sub-committees established by the board that they deem appropriate. Commissioner Mello not only attempted to bully Chairman Davis but also Bogart and railroad last nights’ meeting. He attempted to obstruct Chairman Davis’ ability to run the meeting as is his duty.

    As a resident attending and observing what is going on with the Political Bullying that the city of Hoboken is facing I must ask did Commissioner Mello discuss the resolution at an earlier time with the majority commissioners because the certainty and assurance he used that the resolution would pass by the majority, only leaves one to believe that the resolution may have been discussed earlier weather by telephone conference, in person, or electronically. If such a thing did occur then this would constitute a violation of the Sunshine Law and should be addressed immediately.

    This is a mirror situation of what occurred at the City Council Meeting on Tuesday evening when the minority council members were not provided with a list of potential candidates to serve on a variety of city boards until two minutes prior to voting. When questioned no one could answer how or when the names were selected and were told they could either vote yes or no as they had a full board to conduct the vote. As researched by a resident of the HHA not one member appointed to the city boards is a minority which serves contrary to the Mayor’s inaugural speech of all elected officials to work together for ONE Hoboken and being transparent with the processes used in the City’s government.

    Thank you

    Hoboken Housing Authority
    Resident Advisory Board/Tenant Association

  2. Actually commissioner Dave Mello only proposed and handed out an amendment to the bylaws.
    Besides Carmelo Garcia is not black. Rob Davis is just a parrot for Carmelo and doesn’t even know the rules to run a meeting. Pretty pathetic.

    Bunch of Carmelo’s lackeys attacked the dais in the video. Pretty shameful and disgusting but this is just another reason why Carmelo Garcia is unfit for this office or any other.

    • Dave “only proposed”, no Dave has his own, or should I say Dawn’s agenda. The residents will continue their right to fight for their homes. No one attacked no one, they were just standing in front to hear and see exactly what was going on. Dave knew exactly what he was doing trying to incite a riot and if this did happen it would have been totally Dave’s fault.