1. Gov UnPlausability, ure hubris is showing & who is this Mayor Saccovich?
    Hey, sweating is a great way to loose weight!
    I think the main reason U got re-elected is that people Don’t read the papers!!!
    Maybe they’ll see ure True Colors this term!!!
    But its worth it; just to see U shvitz!!!

  2. I’m glad he finally fired Bridget Kelly – she lied, abused her power, violated the public trust, and acted with callous disregard for the rights and welfare of citizens.
    Hey!! Now she can come to West New York and get a job. She’ll fit right in with Roque and Co.

    • Old Adage: A fish rots from the head first!
      Kelly & Wildstein engaged in this conduct for no other reason than to curry favor w/their boss!
      I M sure C C was chucklin’ over these “shenanigans” rite until the story broke!

  3. Christie got our vote in fact this will work out for the better it shows the people he is a LEADER not a follower you have 2 be an IDIOT to think he had anything 2 do with this it’s common sense why would he do this in the first place he had a 20 point lead over BB you have Dem & Rep using the bridge……You can tell when a person is lying just look at there demeanor & the governor was straight forward & precise…..
    This happen in all towns & governments people abuse there position….ok