Chris Piechocki resigns from Bayonne School Board


(Bayonne, NJ) – Mayor Jimmy Davis issued the following statement in the wake of Chris Piechocki’s resignation from the Bayonne Board of Education:

“Yesterday afternoon I was informed of Mr. Piechocki’s decision to step down from his position as a Trustee of the Bayonne Board of Education.

In late 2014 I chose Chris as what would be the final Mayoral appointment to the Board of Education before the switch to a Type II School District and an elected Board; a switch I both advocated for during my campaign for Mayor, and in the formative days of my term. As a former educator, and currently as an accomplished local real estate agent, Chris seemed to be have an ideal skill-set to serve our District. After the switch, Chris successfully ran for the Board, gathering the public support needed to serve what many began to call the ‘people’s board.’

Chris’ decision to step down from the Board, while unfortunate, is completely understood. Public service is a noble calling, but I am firm in my belief that family should always come first, especially in a time of crisis.

To those who choose to engage in the spread of baseless rumors and innuendo about his decision: Your actions are shameful. May you never have to endure the suffering that he or his family has over the past year.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to Chris for his service to our community, and offer my thoughts and prayers to him and his family during this very difficult time.”

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