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Bridgewater, NJ – The New Jersey Career Fire Chief’s Association, representing 150 active and retired career fire chiefs overseeing over 6,000 firefighters from around the state, announced today that they voted overwhelmingly to endorse Governor Chris Christie for reelection.

“If I had to pick one word as to why we chose to endorse Governor Christie, it would be ‘Leadership,’ plain and simple,” said Chief Michael Postorino, President of the Association. “We are proud to offer our endorsement and view this as a reflection of the Governor’s willingness to listen, engage and work closely with leaders of the fire service. We see Governor Christie as a vital partner in that dialogue to move New Jersey forward.”

The Association represents paid and retired fire chiefs from nearly 100 departments across New Jersey, from small seaside towns to some of the state’s largest cities.

“As taxpayers, we understand the tough choices the Governor faces and respect his leadership in dealing with them,” added Chief Pete Smeraldo, First Vice President. “By this endorsement we choose to engage in the important issues facing the fire services including staffing levels, equipment and benefits. Like Governor Christie, we have a shared goal in keeping our communities safe and creating a brighter future for our families.”

“In the State’s response to Superstorm Sandy, Governor Christie has shown the same kind of leadership under fire that members of our organization demonstrate every day in New Jersey,” said Retired Chief Michael O’Reilly, who serves as Second Vice President. “We’re proud to stand with him in his reelection because quite frankly New Jersey needs his honesty, straight talk and no-nonsense leadership.”

Today’s endorsement is the latest in a string of key endorsements from Democrat elected officials, labor groups and significant community organizations. To date, the Governor has earned the public support of 3 Democrat Mayors, the 20,000-member Laborers International Union, the Port Authority PBA, the Latino Leadership Alliance PAC, the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, as well as the unified support of Lakewood’s Orthodox community.

“These Fire Chiefs are respected members of their community whose voice means something back home. That’s why it’s an honor to be supported by some of the toughest individuals New Jersey has to offer, who have spent their careers risking their lives and leading others to keep their communities safe,” said Governor Christie. “They know that my door is always open, that I respect their valuable insight and welcome the opportunity to continue working with them to make New Jersey a better place for all of New Jersey’s families, particularly after Superstorm Sandy. I want to thank them for their sacrifice and leadership.”


  1. Any firemen would be out of the mind not to support Christie for if it were not for him come retirement there just might be no money for them to collect there pension just ck other towns all around the country that towns STOP payment on there retirement checks after paying into the system they say THERE BROKE” why because they spent the money..

  2. Every firefighter, fire officer, patrolman and police superior have been paying their 8.5% pension contributions for years while the State of New Jersey has been on a pension holiday. How much did everyone’s taxes decrease? Now the Governor is contributing just a portion of monies due to the pension systems while stopping COLA’s for the retirees. How can this organization support Christie?