Lyft Enhances Citi Bike Experience with Strategic Docking Station Moves in Hoboken

Citi Bike Docking Station Relocations
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Citi Bike’s Strategic Relocations: A Win for Hoboken Residents

HOBOKEN – In a move to enhance user experience and accessibility, Lyft has strategically relocated two of its Citi Bike docking stations in Hoboken. The station that once stood at Fourth and Hudson Streets has been shifted to Fourth and River Streets, while the one at 11th and Adams Street now resides at 12th and Adams Streets.

Since its expansion into Hoboken in May 2021, Citi Bike has become an indispensable mode of transportation for many residents. The program, which is also operational in Jersey City and New York City, boasts 29 docking stations and 300 bikes in Hoboken alone. Members have the luxury of accessing a staggering 21,000 bikes across almost 1300 stations, making it the largest combined program in the United States.

Lyft’s decision to relocate the docking stations is a testament to its commitment to providing the best possible service to its users.

Residents and visitors looking to learn more about the Citi Bike program in Hoboken or report any issues can find more information here.


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