Coleman Talks Campaign Promise/Controversial Remark/Non-Profit

Ward F Councilwoman Diane Coleman goes on the record about whether she has fulfilled a campaign promise made to Hudson County TV, and her recent controversial remarks regarding a jobs program for Jersey City. Also addressed were concerns about Building an Empire, a non-profit run by the councilwoman, brought to the attention of Hudson County TV, which included issues surrounding the tax-status of the organization.
After providing Hudson County TV with extensive documentation to review, it appears the councilwoman was a victim of bad accounting services and inefficient bureaucracy within the IRS. The councilwoman also cleared up any confusion about her involvement, or Building an Empire’s, with a corruption case involving former Newark Mayor Sharpe James.


  1. The Jackson Hill Main Street Special Improvement District has paid for additional police patrol along Monticello Avenue and MLK Drive. That is on record. Also, the south district and west district captains have never met with her. Please do not let her take credit for the work of the Jackson Hill Main Street SID. Those guys are doing a great job.