General Colin Powell visited the new school named after him in Union City and was greeted to a standing ovation by Mayor Brian Stack along with students showing their support. Colin Powell visits Union City and inspires everyone in attendance.



  1. I have to say this video was very impressive of General Colin Powell & our mayor Brian Stack coming together on this great occasion..
    I know the general made a great impression on the youth that were there to honor him myself I never knew the graduation rate was 94% here in Union City for all you people out there that are critical & always attacking Mayor Stack you can’t come close to Mayor Stack accomplishments he made here in Union City..
    Although many of the mayors & other politician’s here in Hudson county are against him & others belonging to that vicious circle as far as I am concerned it’s just a matter of X before there lies & deciding the people & the voters catch up to them there is not a mayor in New Jersey that works harder than Mayor Stack..
    God bless him & God bless America