In the midst of this year’s national election, it may be easy to forget that we have a local school election that is exceptionally significant to the future of our children’s education.

We ask that you take some time to carefully consider your choices for the Jersey City Board of Education. Your voice is vital, and we urge you to join us in supporting Sudhan Thomas on Nov.8th.

Any leadership organization is best served by members who are resourceful, versatile and are committed to objectively and impartially representing their entire constituency.

Sudhan Thomas is a parent, educator, business professional, and a taxpayer who possesses that skill set which will significantly benefit our students.

Sudhan understands – firsthand – the inevitable changes and challenges facing the Jersey City Public School District. He understands in order for the board to be successful, partnerships with city, county, state, and federal agencies is vital to a child’s success.

Thomas proposes comprehensive programs that will benefit students and help initiate multi level opportunities to provide them with a successful career path. Teachers and Parents who are caregivers and educators of our children will have special focus in his platform.

Thomas promises to have a constantly evolving platform by listening to his constituents which is a welcome break from the static promises unkept from earlier candidates.

We, the College Democrats of New Jersey, have come to fully understand what is required to have a highly functioning, effective and efficient school board.

Candidates running need to view their positions on the board as a public trust, and must adhere to their roles as policy makers.

They must be guided by a process that always serves the best interests of students and never serves any individual agendas.

We believe Sudhan Thomas has the ability and the integrity to serve the children of Jersey City with distinction.

John Bingham- President

Demetrius M. Terry- Executive Vice President

Anthony Antonini- Membership Director

Mohamed Asker- Communications Director

Karlito A. Almeda- Treasurer