College Democrats of NJ endorses Angel Valentin JCBOE


October 5, 2016

While there are many candidates running for school board this year, please do not get distracted by one-issue candidates. A school district leader must be an expert in budgeting, contract negotiations, tax structure, legal matters affecting the school district, and must also have the trust of the community. Someone supervising qualified staff must also be highly educated and have no personal financial interest in the district. Angel Valentin has all these qualities and is a leader we have trusted for years.

We, the College Democrats of New Jersey, are proud to endorse Angel Valentin for Jersey City Board of Education. He understands from his own child’s success and being on the Jersey City School Board for twelve years that we must protect our public schools. Angel is experienced, dedicated, and has no personal interest for the district because he truly understands education matters.

*Previously endorsed Sudhan Thomas and Gina Verdibello (Education Matters Team)


John Bingham- President

Demetrius M. Terry- Executive Vice President

Anthony Antonini- Membership Director

Mohamed Asker- Communications Director

Karlito A. Almeda- Treasurer