As this is being written, New Jersey state beaches and parks are closed.

There are people who can’t get new driver’s licenses, because state motor vehicle offices are closed.
All because state elected leaders are fighting over how to spend OUR money.
Governor Chris Christie wants to spend overpayments from us on health insurance (what is otherwise known as the “Horizon reserve”), not to give us that money back, but to take it for drug rehab.
Christie’s bargaining chip is he is willing to give Democrats all sorts of spending they want, if only they agree to Christie taking our overpayments for his addiction treatment pet project.
In turn, state Democrats are fighting amongst themselves, some willing to agree to the “raid on Horizon” (this means, they’re okay with your overpayments not being refunded!) if they get their spending projects approved (by Christie, who’s got the power to strike spending items from the new state budget).
Other Democrats are saying they won’t agree to the Christie arm-twisting on Horizon. Now, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto says he will agree to a deal if the excess premiums paid by consumers go back to them.
Here’s what this all boils down to.
1. Christie gets to throw his weight around, no matter what.
2. Democrats are fighting over special spending projects.
3. All these elected leaders have health insurance we can’t get.
4. We pay for all of that spending.
5. We are the ones who get the bill…while we get shut out of state parks and beaches.
If you see your elected representatives this weekend, you should tell them what you think.