Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez discusses why she is the best choice for Freeholder. During an exclusive interview with Hudson County TV, Rodriguez talks about her campaign and Hudson County politics


  1. You are nothing but a political hack who has sold your soul to the devil. You are controlled by Sires/Menendez/Roque/Sacco/ HCDO which makes you a useless person to the people of WNY. You have sat by while crimes and corruption have gone on all around you. Which makes you either a complete dumb ass or complicit. Which ever one you are makes you unqualified for elected office. You belong in jail in elected office.

  2. This lady hasnt done anything but be a robot to Roque and Acosta.she is full of sh!t…she will not do anything as a freeholder as well.People of WNY just watch some videos,where we the public have asked her to stand against the wrong doings and she hasnt done squat.She is part of the Roque and Silvio clan and even if she wasnt the puppet master she has played a great puppet so she is as guilty as the rest of them.WNY, Guttenberg. and Weehawken do not fall for the words of this political hack as she is part of the problem that we need to get rid of.Her and her husband and her family must bring in over a half a mil off the tax payers backs….WNY DEMOCRATIC COALITION….COMING SOON>>>TO A THEATER NEAR YOU<<<<<<<<

    • maybe your group should nominate someone just my thoughts…or do some digging and see how much the guy who’s freeholder now collects off the tax payers backs…

  3. way to go Mrs Rodriguez, you have my respect and my vote. Don’t pay attention to the haters, we all know that many people hate you because you are better than them.

  4. Johanna are you brain dead or are you oblivious to everything that woman Mrs. Rodriguez has not once stood up for her voters when the mayor and Acosta ran rampant scandal after scandal in our town of WNY. She let everything occur without voicing a single concern when there were questions

  5. If you want to know what kind of a freeholder she would be, just look at the kind of commissioner she’s been. For 3 years she’s been part of Roque’s dirty administration and has supported him and done nothing for the people of WNY. Again, she has done Nothing for the people of WNY. Don’t believe what she says. Just look at her record. RODRIGUEZ = ROQUE.

  6. Yea ok,it has nothing to do being a hater,it has to do with the facts of her being a puppet and not once in 3 years standing up for the residents of WNY.johanna or whatever your name is,we will not let the people be misled by this hack.We will inform the people and you will loose,the HCDO will regret backing Roque.You need to understand that the Roque clan has done too much already, the point of no return has passed.don’t believe me look at the results of the past 2 elections and this next one coming….The residents of WNY are done with this INEPT administration,if you can even call them that and we are just holding our breath til next year when we can finally get rid of them.Too many lies,too many schemes,.we are not as stupid as you think…

  7. Will Fat Frank Alonso please stop commenting on WNY politics and go back to Union City where it belongs. Frank stay out of our business, you are just another political hack.

  8. She is the absolute only choice for freeholder…she doesn’t even associate with roque at all just guilty by association is good enough for you people??? its about time we have someone with credentials serve as matter how many names Jose Munoz uses on this comment section it won’t matter you DONE.

  9. i think its quite interesting and says alot that she had every chance in the world to bash Munoz on his record as freeholder and chose not too…

  10. Caridad will easily win this election. The morons posting BS about her here will eat all of their words. By the way, we don’t need fat out-of-towners telling us how to vote.

  11. Correct Martin. Interesting how those against Caridad have criminal records and drug arrests. We should listen to them? hahahahahahahahaha

    • i somewhat agree but its not entirely fair to judge someone on their past…im assuming you speak of frank and I’m also sure that whatever it was he did he regrets…lets not forget he has brought some good things to town all on his own with close to no help at all…i would ask him to find a person if he doesn’t like Caridad…

  12. Another puppet of Sires and Roque and this one is the one that bring all her family to make money from the taxpayer, like her husband for example. She has done nothing for this town, she doesnt deserve to be a candidate for anything, she is useless and a traitor for the voters.

    • rafael your comments would be so much more credible if the person that you are supporting didn’t do the same thing! look in the mirror my friend!

      • JOse is being punished by Roque and his accomplices because he was doing the right thing wearing a wire to bring out the truth about what kind of person Roque is. Caridad is being supported for those that didnt about approver such a courageous act. Obviously they are afraid of people uncovering their dirty behavior as public officials. Im very dissapointed at Cary, she really sold her principles(if any) for jobs for her husband and her long time friend(just to mention something). She has been quite about all the corrupted behavior by Roque and Acosta and that itself is enough to no vote for her. Also like at her response on this interview she didnt say anything that can really make her a stronger candidate per say.

  13. Kevin yes I have a petty criminal record from when i was younger and yes I smoke weed but at least i’m fighting my ass off to see progress come to my town,are you doing anything besides posting on here.I am WNY no matter where I’m at.Martin thank you for your comments but I gotta tell you I been at almost every meeting and this lady has not done anything for this town or its people and has been totally controlled.A total puppet.I wouldn’t steer our town wrong,I care too much for it and i want to see WNY become the great town that it can be for the people and by the people.To the other person im not frank alonso,I am the other fat Frank.frank Ferreiro founder of Residents for a Better WNY.

    • Who is responsible for the upkeep of this sight. There are posts being deleted. That shows you how far the machine goes. I thought HCTV was independent of political influence, apparently not. Caridad is an attack dog for whomever will get her what she wants. It’s an ugly world they are all in and if you do not want your skeletons or your family’s skeletons out then you need to step out of being a public figure. Regardless of what anyone says there are no friends in politics only enemies.

  14. Another soft topic on Roque and his puppets by Fernando. Fernando how nuch did you get for your soul from the HCDO?

    • I hope this isn’t chuckie talking about selling a soul? from what I hear you can barely sell a ticket to your circus fundraiser, maybe you should lower the price to free and have it at Chuckie Cheese

  15. Mrs Rodriguez looks afraid she might be asked about all the Corruption under her watch as a WNY Commissioner and all of the Roque corruption she is a part of. Looks how she can’t look at the camera or the reporter. She doesn’t sit still. She will not get my family or my vote for anymore elections.

  16. LCaridad Rodriguez has pawned her integrity and ethics to the highest bidder.

    also see:

    She says she wants to bring more funding for ‘priorities’ like parks, recreation, and county roads. Will she ask any of the over 4,000 units in WNY that she and her political mentor Albio Sires granted tax abatements that pay very little county tax (so little that several Hudson County municipalities had to sue Jersey City several years ago for having to subsidize the County Seat’s lavish long term abatements which force non-abated properties and other municipalities to pick up the slack?)(google “All that glitters isn’t gold”) to help the beleaguered non abated property owners in WNY who do pay full county tax rates? She cares about herfamily’s continued political connections over the welfare of her constituents. She sat by complicit in subverting democracy on 2/19/14 in not allowing the People to be heard before she cast a self-serving vote to delay the next school board election to satisfy her political cronies. To the good citizens of Weehawken, send a message that carpetbaggers like her husband Joe who takes a job away from a Weehawken resident should not be tolerated. If you are as fed up with your Mayor Turner as we are for heralding in the disaserous tax abatements and giving another carpetbagger from WNY (Jerry Lange) a job at your expense, then stand with a UNITED opposition to Roque who support a courageous Freeholder(Munoz) who stood up to corruption rather than a self serving hack whose person loyalty to corrupt politicians has cost Hudson County huge tax increases on non abated properties, only!

  17. Caridad, I really like you as a person but must honestly say after watching this interview I am throwing my support behind Jose Munoz. Carry you are a good Mother, Grandmother & Wife, you are just not good for the people. I am sure you are well intentioned but WNY deserves better representation. Caridad, please stay away from further interviews. I watched your mouth move but nothing that made any sense came out.

  18. Caridad Rodriguez is a FreeLoader already. How much $ does Caridad and her Family collect each week from Tax Payer pay checks???

  19. Dear folks, first of all, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for commenting in the news that we are reporting. We believe in freedom of speech and accept your comments (good or bad) about our performance and the topics we are presenting to you. I also would like to ask you to please refrain from making comments attacking family members that have nothing to do with the reports. We have been forced to delete some of those comments because they were completely off point. We hope you understand and we thank you again for being a loyal viewer.

    Hudson County TV

  20. I’m sorry, but how can you say you believe in freedom of speech when you are censoring the sight from comments that you deem unrelated. The family members of politicians are absolutely related to that person if the politician is using his/her influence to provide job security for that family member who works off of the taxpayers money. That makes them directly on point. There have been family members in the past mentioned and attacked without deletion, is Caridad a special case? All we ask is that this sight that has been open and fair to this point not be hypocritical when it comes to certain individuals, because the sight will lose its credibility.

  21. Dear HCTV, why do you continue to let Herb Klitzner who is North Bergen’s attorney pressure you into curtailing free speech? Is it because he controls the purchase of banner adds by HCDO on your site? Does HCTV really believe in free speech? If you continue to prohibit and edit our comments to your organizations liking then what is the point of visiting your site? It is only a matter of time before a competitive site appears who will not sell out. We understand Julio needs to cover expenses but LET FREEDOM RING!