Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez will run against Freeholder Jose Munoz in June, sources say. Hudson County TV has confirmed with multiple sources at the West New York town hall.


  1. It’s not a surprise that Mayor Roque has endorsed another candidate for Freeholder. What is a surprise is the person that accepted Roque’s invitation. I like Ms. Rodriquez and I believed that she would have gracefully declined any support from someone whose credibility is that of West New York’s Mayor, but I guess politics in Hudson County as it is, you never know who the good guys are until they lay everything down for the people.

    Well, it looks like it’ll be business as usual for the Mayor, his candidate and his supporters. This campaign will be decided by the people. They will decide whether to support Roque’s machine carrying with it everything we already know about his people and the way they do business and me, the person that stood up to him and will continue to fight for what is good for the people not for the political establishment.

    This will be between “Right” which is what I have stood for and “Wrong” which is what Roque’s administration has already demonstrated to the people so many times. When this is all over, the final outcome will tell West New Yorker’s, Hudson County , and the State of New Jersey whether corruption is alive and growing or whether the people have had enough and they want this political interference to stop and to put an end to the selfish practices we see every day all around us by elected officials telling us they have our best interest at heart when all along we see our educational system deteriorating and our trust for these politicians dropping like a stone.
    Like I said, this wasn’t a surprise and perhaps the last straw was when Roque discovered that I was filing a civil law suit against him. I, like so many other wonderful people throughout WNY realize that it is just a matter of time for him and people like him to be thrown out of office allowing qualified individuals to be elected and to represent the interests of the people. Remember, “We the People” are the first three words of the preamble identifying those responsible for upholding the foundations of the American Constitution and it will be “We the People” that will make the decision on Election Day.

    • Many people will agree that we could do better than Roque but, does that mean that we should choose YOU? Do you think we believe that you represent what is “right” and not your own interests or those of a political machine? Give us a break!

      You might as well claim you are Michael the Archangel.

    • To Jose Munoz,

      Many people will agree that we could do better than Roque but, does that mean that we should choose YOU? Do you think we believe that you represent what is “right” and not your own interests or those of a political machine? Give us a break!

      You might as well claim you are Michael the Archangel.

  2. Caridad Rodriguez has only a Corrupt record to run on. Easy to expose as a Albio/Roque stooge and protector of their Corruption on West NY. I say to you Mr Munoz to bring your A game so West NY Wins and gets set free from All the Corruption!

  3. Someone should ask Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez some questions now for once so we can hear from her. Lets start with the suppose cover up at a murder scene from a few weeks ago. Caridad Rodriguez is our Public Safety Commissioner and will not give any answers to real question on WNY’s Corruption or crimes. Did some PO false a police report of a crime to protect a land lord named Acosta or his friends? Why has the FBI come to visit her numerous times? So many more questions Caridad Rodriguez is and has been avoiding.

  4. oh Baby where should I start today if Munoz wants to win this one he needs every available man woman and child if they don’t give him the line and they won’t as far as I know right now you have to think who is also going to be on that line with rodriguez you have booker and sires and you know how people vote straight down good luck to you.

  5. Someone should OPRA what Joe Rodriguez’ title was/is in WNY. And what his hours were and how much he was paid? He worked at night my a$$. Just like Acosts worked nights when Sires got him his job back in the late 90s at the WNY Housing Authority working “nights” Please, this guy, his wife and his close friends Sires, Turner, Roque and Acosta are all a bunch of LIARS and if the people of WNY continue to keep them in their positions and back Cary in her run for freeholder, then you all should get exactly what you deserve.

    Go back on each and every meeting that took place since felix took over. Did cary ever even wake up out of that stupor she appears to be in except to give out awards. Be clear, SHE WORKS FOR ALBIO, who give roque his orders. If you believe anything else, you are just kidding yourself. He is putting his people in place…. Welcome Gerry back to world of Town Hall. Sit back and watch, he will bring others… (mariniello, campen, etc….) I hope that Frank Jose Wiley Sal and Defino get their crap together and put their hard feelings behind them…. You people are going to need all the help you can get. Fight each other later. Fight THEM, now.

  6. I feel bad for Mr. Rodriguez. This type of recording should not be legal. How would any of you posting here would feel if you were in his shoes? I didn’t think much of him before seeing this video, but now I have sympathy for him and he comes across as a person who loves his family. Shame on the person who took this video without letting him know he was being taped.

  7. Its a tangled web we weave. Unfortunately, you can claim all you want that you are not political but when all signs indicate otherwise, there will be no sympathy given. This is what he does, he plays the father-figure, family man role….all the while cashing his checks at the bank while both he and his wife do Albios political bidding. Rodriguez has key political position(s), and most likely, no-show jobs….now you tell me what NON-POLITICAL person gets those kinds of jobs?

    His Civil Engineering degree should entitle to him to private sector jobs if that is what he wants. But instead he claims he is a state licensed code enforcement officer. I wonder if he produced that license to the person questioning him, along with all of his “other” credentials. How does one get a state issued license for code enforcement? Hmmmmmm? Scratching my head on that one.

    WNY is now DOG-EAT-DOG. I hope you are all hungry!

  8. I bet this video was secretly taped by somebody sent by Jose Munoz. This is very much the type of thing Munoz does.

  9. Who is this Munoz?? What has he done to better the town of West New York? Hudson County? The only thing I know about him is that he wore a wire and tried to get Roque screwed. Is that his only claim to fame? This is why everyone should vote for him? That is not enough for my vote.

  10. Emilio Del Valle is soon to be hired by Mayor Roque for 20k per year to pay him back for his lies on the witness stand to protect Roque. I don’t think Emilio will be able to cash to many WNY checks before FBI agents arrest him for LYING to To them in exchange for payement.

  11. Domingo,
    Your Feb 4 9:38 a.m. post is right on the mark, especially your prophetic warning that all of us MUST Unite if we are to defeat Caridad Rodriguez. Thanks to whoever posted the Dr. Wiley video. He made goid points, too.