The lawsuit alleges that Roque and Town Attorney Gilberto Garcia ran up a bill with Eagle Recycling and attached Wiley’s name to it. Commissioner Count Wiley Files Lawsuit against Mayor Felix Roque for Political Retaliation.


  1. WOW!!!! This Mayor and Town Attorney Garcia belong locked up
    and behind bars for many years.
    Roque and Garcia what are u guys trying to prove by
    this behavior?
    Another fine example of West New York on display
    and another big reason to sign the recall!


  2. The recall won’t do it. Recalls never worked and this special election Wiley would hold will cost the town 120k @ and that’s Wiley’s estimate – I wonder how hi it’d really be! Besides that Wiley is part of the problem. Having him (another out of towner)as mayor is just the same as haveing roque.

  3. When they show the meeting and the mayor asks the town lawyer if there was a contract with eagle and the lawyer said no and started saying that there was no resolution and he had no knowledge of why this company continued to work for and bill the city…. watch Count Wiley’s face. You see the blood start to boil in his eyes. Eyes that were locked on the lawyer in a dead cold raging stare but also notice how his face starts getting red almost like he was being strangled. I have to say that Count (how awesome is that name by the way) kept his cool at first where as I would have launched over the table at the lawyer for such blatant lies and attempt to frame an innocent person. I am amused at these videos they are a guilty pleasure. I have come to find that there are thousands of videos of corrupt board and council meetings online and it is sad to know how common such corruption there is in our government all across the country. Count, I live in Pennsylvania but if I lived in your town I would vote for and support you. The first couple of times I saw the count in these videos I did not like him because he just looked so vein with the stereotypical hair do and the tailor made suits and the guido-ish façade but after seeing more of him I have come to really like this guy. He is good people.