Las Palmas has hundreds on hand for the event.


  1. Wiley another wantabe he needs to crawl back under that rock he came from what in the hell he he going to do better let us all know he just another Menendez boy like X Sal V the pupit

  2. Your grammar is horrible. There’s nothing wrong with fighting corruption. I know Dr. Wiley, he’s not presidential material but he certainly and genuinely cares about West New York. Roque hands out jobs to family and friends…he has an entire family working at the pool…with the unemployment rate so high and so many young people looking for jobs, do you really think that’s fair? Is hacking in to an opponents website a decent thing to do? Is it really OK to owe the town $700K and not pay it just because you are the deputy Mayor? I’ll take my chances with Wiley, thanks. But hey…it’s Hudson County..the lesser evil I suppose.