Commissioner Count Wiley speaks out concerning the verdict of Mayor Felix Roque

Commissioner Count Wiley speaks out concerning the verdict of Mayor Felix Roque. Commissioner Wiley is one of many shocked by the acquittal of West New York Mayor Felix Roque and he shares his thoughts


    • I am Erica and I did NOT write the previous comment. Once again, I am being impersonated by the small group of evil people who are posting under many different names and who just cannot and will not accept that other people like or, at least, don’t hate the Mayor, as they so fervently do. These are the same people who are now claiming they never wanted the Mayor to go to jail because they are, after all, decent, God-fearing people.

      Let them take it out on me, I could not care less. Roque not being convicted must have been a very hard blow to their rotten beings.
      Like I said before, there is no redemption for this kind.

  1. Little more than 19 months till Roque and his gangstas are gone in an election. BUT People Roque’s legal woe’s are not over…. Stay tuned.

    Ur Times still running out Vilma (Erica)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • How very sad! What a waste of life devoted to hating people! It’s good to know that God is good and all will get what WE deserve in due time.

  2. It is impossible for Mayor Roque to use any Departments for political reasons; especially The Health, Building and DPW Departments because he does not control them, Mayor Sacco does! All the important personnel who direct operations of these departments owe that allegiance to Sacco. It is a shame that Mayor Roque doesn’t even see it.

  3. It’s so funny when he talks about Roque intimidating people!
    Just looking at him and hearing him talk I feel pretty intimidated.
    Most definitely, he would NEVER intimidate or harass anybody if he was the Mayor.

  4. Count is different from everybody else. He is going through all that trouble exclusively out of concern for the people of West New York! He will be our savior. 🙂

  5. hey erica if you are speaking about me then have the balls to say my name dont be using indirects,speak clearly,when I got something to say i say it to that person and with my real name posted i dont hide behind fake profiles like you do…..why dont you use your real name stop being a phony and a fake….Just so everyone on here knows im frank ferreiro from residents4wny and when i post anything anywhere i always use my real name,I wouldnt be a real man if I was commenting with fake names that is for cowards and fakes….bunch of phonies….erica get a life…u need 1 posting way too much on here go do something positive with your petty life….