Commissioner Wiley and Mayor Roque accuse each other of outstanding lawsuits

Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Count Wiley exchanged fiery words at the West New York commissioner’s meeting last Wednesday.  Wiley accused Roque of costing tax payers millions of dollars in outstanding lawsuits.  Wiley, himself, is involved in three of the lawsuits with West New York.


  1. This guy AGAIN! someone please seal his political fate. Theres gotta be some illegal antics he is up to. If not its Hudson Country! didnt they just used to frame people. Go to jail with dad. Scum.

  2. Commissioner Wiley is correct here. In the law suits that Dr. Wiley mentioned it is Roque and/ or his legal team at the time that brought this necessary responses from Dr. Wiley by: ; violating the Walsh Act, with regards to illegally stripping Dr. Wiley of his department and many personnel, and B; fabricating false charges about Commissioner Wiley s involvement with a DPW contract.