Commissioner Wiley talks about the chaos in West New York Commissioners Meeting. Shortly after the meeting ended abruptly, Commissioner Wiley expressed his dissatisfaction with Mayor Felix Roque.


  1. oh count its so funny to see you get riled up during these meetings…if only you were mayor and someone called you a piece of shit i wonder what you would say back to them…

    • I can think of worse woids for someone who says…We voted already…We don’t need no public input!
      & Count even extemporaneously, I have hoid few people as articulate as U…once they get the Transylvanian in U woiked up!!!

    • Roque did the correct thing to walk out of that jungle more respect and less fighting screaming loud doesn’t get any message across ….. It’s a shame was going on in this town

  2. You get them Commissioner Wiley! If you want to stop Roque then you must stop those who fund him. Mr. Wiley follow the money, Roques donations will lead you to the real corruption and those who fund him. Mr. Wiley is it legal or ethical for Mayor Roque to accept political donations from convicts and other soon to be indicted individuals? We applaud Chuckie for exposing those who fund Roque. Rolando Cribeiro-Coca from YYY Construction-Rene Abreu-Manny Diaz-Prudencio-Architect and his Attorney sister “The Pereira Twins” Rene Avila Etc. Etc. As you can see the proceeding list reads like the who’s who of of fellons. These individuals are the enablers and must be held accountable by law enforcement. Mr. Wiley-we hear Mr. Coca from YYY Construction was recently interviewed by Federal Authorities concerning his and his co-conspirators involvement in zoning board approvals for development projects. Mr. Wiley we need you to stay strong. You are our hope for West New York’s future. It is only a matter of time before Roque’s sand castle washes away.

  3. Thank you, Dr. Wiley for speaking the truth and standing up to the naked power grab and abuse of power by Mayor Roque. I believe you and Freehplder Munoz will be agents of positive change for our town.