Community Bingo night held in North Bergen to benefit senior class

The Recreation Center in North Bergen was filled with people of all ages having a great time playing Bingo. The proceeds from the $10 admission benefitted the North Bergen High School senior class Project Graduation.

Project Graduation is an event held nationwide following high school graduation to provide graduating seniors with an opportunity to celebrate their graduation with their peers in a safe and supervised environment.

A great deal of North Bergen faculty was in attendance. “I think the event is awesome, it allows the staff to get together on a social level while raising money for the students,” said Kennedy School Nurse Tori Campbell.

The event, which was run by Nick Sacco Jr., Senior Class Vice Principle, was described by Commissioner Marenco as a “success.”

Other fundraisers will be held for the senior class as well. Event information can be found on the Facebook pages of Mayor Nicolas Sacco, the town of North Bergen, and the library website and Facebook page.