Congressman Sires’ Statement Condemning President Trump’s Executive Order Strengthening the Travel Ban

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Sires issued the following statement on President Trump’s executive actions targeting refugees and travel from Muslim-majority countries:

“Making small tweaks and smoothing out the rough edges of President Trump’s initial executive order doesn’t change the fact that it is still a ban. White House officials such as Stephen Miller are already insisting that these are just ‘minor, technical differences. 

Fundamentally, you are still going to have the same, basic policy…”

As I have said before, I am disappointed that President Trump continues to prioritize dividing Americans and alienating our allies. Even after our judges, national security experts, and human rights groups have condemned the ban, said it can make Americans less safe, and warned of its unconstitutionality, Trump insists on finding a way to keep people out of this country based on where they were born. Instead of focusing oneconomic opportunities and good paying jobs for hardworking Americans, President Trump insists on spending his time banning people who are desperately trying to escape enslavement, torture, and oppression.

The United States of America has strict standards in place to ensure that individuals coming to America aren’t a threat. These processes can include up two years of vetting. Rather thanworking with Congress and our allies to fortify current mechanisms, the President still plans on shutting our doors and turning our backs on people seeking security and a better future. 

America was built on the backs of hardworking immigrants who came from all walks of life. Muslims immigrants have contributed proudly to this country for decades, including theseveral thousand who serve in our Armed Forces. Banning entry to the United States simply because of an individual’s birthplace or religion is an affront to everything our founding fathers fought for.”